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小杜良品增胖麵 - 花椒之味拌麵 Fragrance Stir Noodles (115g*4pack)

小杜良品增胖麵 - 花椒之味拌麵 Fragrance Stir Noodles (115g*4pack)

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We are very happy to bring them to Adelaide for your enjoyment.  Stock available now! 



Perfect proportion of naturally brewed soy sauce, Taiwan's first-grade peppercorn, octagon, resulting in a rich aroma and layered taste, served with Tainan's natural sun-dried Guanmiao noodles, air-dried in a 3- stage low temperature drying room for hours. Extremely fragrant, numbingly spicy, with a delicious lingering aftertaste! Once you've tried there's no turning back!


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