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Phoenix Sweets

Butter Cream Cake - Chocolate Eclipse Cake

Butter Cream Cake - Chocolate Eclipse Cake

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Chocolate Eclipse  Cake

Phoenix Sweets Cakery's Chocolate Eclipse Cake is a minimal yet mouthwatering design focusing on the fresh flavors of premium ingredients. Layers of chocolate cake are filled with chocolate buttercream, then topped with seasonal fruit and edible flowers.  Perfect for celebrating Birthday, Anniversary and any happy gathering!

Chocolate cake (layered with chocolate butter cream), topped with seasonal fruits.  Fruit toppings may vary based on availability. Photo shown for reference only.

Personalize the cake with a custom fondant plate message (20 letters or less included).

Discover the taste of artisanal baking excellence delivered in Adelaide.

For suggested serving portions, please refer to the Serving Size And Cake Cutting Guide tab.

We can put a message plate with maximum 20 letters on it. Please input the message if you wish us to arrange that.
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