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Kutani Ware Mame-dare (Small Dish) - Miffy Five Colours

Kutani Ware Mame-dare (Small Dish) - Miffy Five Colours

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Kutani Ware Mame-dare (Small Dish) - Miffy Five Colours (1pc)

"Mame-dare" (small dish) painted by three Kutani hands.
This is a 10cm diameter small dish with a beautifully painted pattern.
The design is in the style of [Gosai], [Aote], and [Akae], which are the representative techniques of Kutani ware, and the world of Miffy and Kutani ware are blended together.
It is also good for entertaining with tea cakes, etc.

Size: φ103 x 20 mm
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: porcelain
Year of manufacture: 2019
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